Saturday Giveaway #1

As a thank you to the people who have signed up to follow my blog I am hosting a giveaway every Saturday until March. That is the month that my book 'The Artistic Mother - A Practical Guide to Fitting Creativity into Your Busy Life' will be released by North Light Books. It is already available for pre-order here.

In this space, starting January I will be talking a little more about the content of the book, which I hope will appeal to arty inclined women who are also Mothers.

I want the book to inspire more women to do art, especially young mothers and beginners because I truly believe that a content, fulfilled, happy women = content, happy kids. But, as in everything, it is not that simple. It takes work and focus to make it work in the reality of our busy lives. It takes balance, balance between doing art and doing everything else..... But, more about this in future posts.

I will also be talking about this topic at the Wishstudio where, starting January I will be a monthly contributor in the column entitled 'The Artistic Mother'.

I really feel at home in that space. Wishstudio was started by Mindy (of Under A Pink Sky) for women who want "to nourish and embrace all that inspires us to live joyfully, authentically, and creatively". The posts are both real and inspiring. I am delighted to be joining the team, even though I feel like I need to stand on my tippy toes to write thoughts that measure up!

Anyhow, on with the show:

I used the Random generator to pick a winner. The 'followers' are not numbered by blogger, so I entered you into a spreadsheet which automatically assigns you a number.

The first 'winner' of the giveaway is:



Pick your prize from the choices below (click on image to see a larger image) and post it in the comments. I will contact you via email so you can send me, privately, your physical address.

Choice #1 - White and blue balsa wood angel Christmas ornament, with soldered pendant. Aprox 8x2 inches.

Choice #2 - Baby girl onsie and matching gift tag. Size 12 months. This would make a nice gift if you don't have a baby girl.

Choice #3 - Soldered pendent earrings with Celtic design. They dangle down about 2 inches. Sorry for the poor photo, my camera is packing up and my lens is broken and no longer focusing :(

For everyone else - Please check back in next Saturday to see if you win something. I will offer a new set of prizes. I will try to offer a range of things in the hopes something will appeal to you when it's your turn!

And of course, if you are not listed as following this blog, you are welcome to do so! Join in the fun.


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