Kitchen re-do video

The dust has been cleared away and I am officially back to an organized life. Phew, my advice - don't go into a kitchen renovation lightly. It really does affect every part of your world. Thankfully, I am loving my new kitchen; the space and style suits our family. (you can see a little of what my old kitchen looked like in this post from 2009)

The new look Cole kitchen

I have a lot of catch up to do in terms of Somerset art deadlines, so it will be a while still until I am back to regular blogging. I promise to be here on Saturdays. After that, if I get to visit your blog and do more posts I will consider it gravy.

Here is a video I made last night of my kitchen.

Mentioned in this video are:

Shannon Mucha, my dear friend who came over on numerous occasions to help me arrange my house and reestablish order.

And the Wishstudio playgroup 'wish play create'. I am leading the first of 5 weeks of crafting classes. Mine is on August 30th. You can sign up for it here at the Wishstudio.


I am busy planning my year schedule. One thing I am super excited about is that Laura is starting ballet and jazz. I just have this feeling that she has what it takes to be a dancer and this could be the beginning of that path. I found a class that is on the same time that Lily is at gymnastics, so schedule wise it is doable. I have always loved dance. I recommend this dance video, the quality of the recording is not great, but the feeling is all there. It is a beautiful picture of marriage.

My dream has always been that one of my children would be a dancer, one a singer/musician, a writer and one an artist/photographer. (I do not tell them this, I do not want to be a stage mother and I don't want to influence them from their God given path, but I am sure that it oozes out at times). Oh, but to see talent develop in front of me would be bliss.

Laura will be doing ballet this year!


On to this week's giveaway. 

To recap - I like to giveaway something handmade to folks who sign up to follow my blog. It is a way to practice giving and to say thank you for being a part of my blog. I have been doing this on Saturdays since late last year. I use the random generator to find a winner. 

This week I am giving my 'winner' a choice of gifts. 

First choice is this little birdhouse. It is wooden and decorated with scrapbook papers, stamps and paint. It was featured in a Stampington magazine, but I can't remember which one! 

You can see it hanging from it's beaded handle in my craft room:

The second choice is this ATC notebook. I showed how I made it a few months back in this blog post.

and the choice goes to

Nelesc of The Reconstructed Life

Let's talk over email. I can get your mailing address and your choice and mail it off next week.

Thank you to everyone who is listed at a follower of this blog. I appreciate your shout out of support.


  1. Shona, I love your new kitchen. It's so cozy and inviting. So very nice of Shannon to help you establish order.

    Host of The Artistic Mother's Art Group &

  2. Nice of you to share your new kitchen (and main floor). It has a comfortable 'I'm home' feel.
    With 5 children I don't know where you find the time to do what you do and still be so tidy!!!
    Max is adorable.
    Lovely spaces Enjoy.
    I will keep my fingers crossed for your new fridge.

  3. Stunning new kitchen! Congrats Shonna! And beautiful tiny dancer too . . . Kristin xo

  4. Your kitchen looks so warm and inviting. It definitely makes me want to pull up and chair and join the fun! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Beautiful! I love all that dark wood.

  6. Anonymous11:25 AM

    This new kitchen of yours looks like it could be straight out of a magazine!

    It is so pretty and cozy!

    Do love those little birdhouses too!

  7. What a lovely kitchen! And Max is getting so big! I am glad to see you made it home from your trip and thank you for sharing with us all!! I enjoyed the photography immensely, it made me think of Europe!!

  8. SO SO lovely! What a warm and welcoming place, and the 'creating' spaces are a DREAM of mine and something I long for!!! Congrats on the completion of such a task!!!

  9. Anonymous11:41 AM

    shona, the kitchen really is just lovely.
    (great new banner, too!)

  10. Your kitchen is beautiful. I'd wait years for that...! Enjoy it!

  11. I really love the kitchen! So warm and inviting...
    Thanks for the tour.

  12. Oh Shona, you have created my dream kitchen... Is that fresh bread you've got baking there?

  13. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Beautiful results, except your refrigerator's handles are on the incorrect side.

  14. What a beautiful kitchen, how warm and inviting!
    Enjoy it

  15. wow! i can't wait to see it in person....i haven't seen you in months!!

    it looks so light and airy in your home, you have to be just LOVING it!! and your new huge crafting area! soooo wonderful!!

  16. Wow, Laura is gorgeous. That's a great picture of her. I hope she loves ballet class.

    And your kitchen was sure worth all the work and mess and everything that goes with remodeling. It turned out great! Enjoy.

    Cheers, jj

  17. Shona--I'm stunned! Your kitchen is just fantastic! Love the black cabinets!! I can hardly believe the transformation from what Rebekah and I saw when we left your house the other week. Gorgeous!!!

    I'm so glad for you that it's all done and I LOVE your video! I have got to try that sometime. :o)

  18. love the kitchen....such a big beautiful twins jut tarted dance...hip hop to beging with, it will be jazz as wel next year...they love it!!!!

  19. Your home is lovely, thank you for inviting us in to have a look at what you've been up to. Well done!!

  20. wow this is my dream kitchen!!!!!! lovely to see. Mine, unfortunately is the size of a postage stamp!

  21. Kitchen looks good, Shona. :-) It looks it's been that way since you moved in. Love that you removed that wall and made it more open. N-I-C-E. :-)

  22. Anonymous10:03 PM

    Love the new Cole Kitchen
    and the fireplace and the
    lovely dancer in waiting.

  23. Thanks for sharing your new, renovated space. It looks great!

  24. Shona,
    I love your re-do.
    and the video was great. Great choices of colors, very natural. Love, love your new art studio!!!!
    It all looks wonderful.

  25. hi, hope it's ok to contact you here. we would love to include your blog on our giveaway search engine: giveaway scout ( have a look and if interested, use our online form to add your blog ( ). thanks, josh

  26. Wow! It looks fantastic! I mean's perfect! Your house has changed so much that if I didn't know it so well, I don't think I'd recognize it. It's always been beautiful, but now it's different beautiful, and it seems you've worked out some of the 'kinks' to serve your family well! I love where you do your art now...that's always been my favorite room. I have so many, many comments, that I think I'll just email. :-) Hugs friend!!

  27. thank you everyone for the kind comments. This kitchen has been a labor of love, I appreciate your positivity.
    I have been out of touch a little I know. I hope to visit you all and say hi soon :)

    shona cole

  28. Love it Love it Love it! That looks like the place to be on a cold winter morn! Where ever did you find that table? I have been looking for one like that.
    Beautiful job!.


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