Peek inside #3

In my book, The Artistic Mother, there are some projects that have multiple pages, some that couldn't be shown due to space limitations. But as I was in possession of all of the art work in my book at some point or other I can give you a unique peek inside.

This week I would like to show you another of the Round Robin books, shown on page 22 of my book - the one started by the very talented mixed media artist Carrie Harney.

Other pages in this Round Robin book are by Mindy Mitrani, Cindy Mayfield, myself and Sarah Keith.

Confused? well, just enjoy the artwork!


I never know quite what some one would like to own - something decorative or something functional. So this week I am giving away the choice of each.

1) Something decorative (this wall hanging):


2) something functional (this notebook):

which will the winner of this week's Saturday giveaway choose?

I wonder.....

who gets to choose anyway?

it is.....

Kristin of Acorn Hill Studios

congratulations! let's talk via email, you can tell me if are you decorative or functional.

For everyone else, next Saturday I will have another follower giveaway.


Over at the Wishstudio there will be a Q&A for the contributors to the site, myself included. It seems that you can submit a question for myself or any of the other contributors and then the answers will be posted at a later date! Sounds interesting! I may ask a few myself of the other gals.


  1. What a lucky girl!! Love this work and your book;)

  2. Love those 'round robin books'.Congrats to today's winner :)

  3. I love all you guys' artwork. So great!

  4. Love the peek inside the round robin book! And what a great give away choice! Both very pretty!

  5. Shona, it was so much fun to be a part of the group! Carrie's turned out really great, I love it.


  6. Love the book Shona! lots of inspiration and eye candy!

  7. Lovely Round Robin Books!!
    This just looks like so much fun to do.

  8. Shona, These are such beautiful photos and beautiful artwork! I haven't been able to comment much lately and wanted to thank you for dropping by while I was out of town. You are such a sweet friend. :o)


  9. I am definitely more of a function over form kind of girl, but getting both is my favorite.

    I saw your book at Hobby Lobby the other day and I was like 'Dude, I "know" that lady!' I felt privileged to know you.

  10. Hi. I am here by the way of DOnna's blog. I love your art work and your pictures.....I am a new follower.

  11. i love the idea of getting peeks into more of the Artistic Mother projects ... i loved the spread you did on the altered storybook (my daughter LOVES her book and has given me a theme for the next one - yikes! projects overflowing here!)

    Beautiful round robin pages ... i always love to see the variety in people's styles.

    good to have you back to blogging business as usual! i mean, a girl can never have TOO many projects on the burner, right?

    xo Lis

  12. Oooh, that notebook.
    It gives me palpitations.
    A definite reason to return!

    Beautiful, beautiful creativity over here! <3

  13. thanks folks. I am so glad I photographed this book before I sent it to Cindy. I think the round robin was a successful one :)

    shona cole

  14. I won?!? I'm so very excited!! Yay!! :)

  15. Love seeing the books on your site Shona!! Carrie's book looks great! Hugs to you...Mendy

  16. Anonymous8:11 PM

    Those are beautiful. It makes me want to make a few of them. thanks for the inspiration. :)


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