30 lb (less) later....

Okay, so I had a baby last year, but excuses aside I was 30lb heavier in December that I am today. I am back to my pre-baby. Yeah! But more importantly I feel healthy and fresh.

And I can attribute it to the South Beach diet. It focuses on cutting the carbs, like Atkins, but better cause it has such good recipes. It helps that you can buy anything you want sugar free in the US (in Ireland this summer I had a really hard time sticking to it.... what do diabetics in Eire do??).

Now, as an extra layer of accountability I have teamed up with Shannon Mucha to make art out of our diet healthy lifestyle. Each week we are going to photograph one of our South Beach meals. The only rule is that have to post by Friday in our collaboration Flickr group, Bloom. So we can shoot the shopping, prep, cooking, presentation, family enjoying the meal.... any aspect of the process of bringing food to the table to nourish our families. 

So today it began! Even though I chop onions and steam spinach everyday, I was nervous. I know that there is a huge 'food photography' world out there and I have never taken food photos, think Pioneer Woman!!! I am not even going to try to match that. I am going to try, if possible, to find my own foodie voice. 

It will be a challenge. But it will be fun cause it is new (I love a new challenge) and Shannon is doing it too (everything is better when you have a buddy on board) and the focus is on my home and the beauty of home making. 

I am not going to say you should do South Beach today, but seriously folks - between the Muchas (Shan and hubby) and the Coles (Mark and I) we have lost about 115lb these past 8 months! It really works. And we have not been miserable or starving. Nope, we have eaten yummy food. No, really yummy, not 'diet' miserable food. And I no longer crave sugary or starchy foods or feel sleepy and sluggish in the afternoon. Oh, if I could turn back the clock and be 35 again too!!!! Alas, South Beach can't fix everything. 


Of course, I love that my kids got in on the act too.... here are 2 photos that Lily, 8 took while I was cooking:

Lily's favorite image. She 'knew' this was a good capture as soon as she took it.
Lily got up on a stool to get this one! A photographer in the making.


Thank you to all those who entered my peg giveaway. My camera finally worked again after removing all the batteries from camera and computer (yes, a simple fix, phew!)

Here are the pegs (I may do a few more too):

and they go to.....

Jolene of Pieces of Me

Send me your address and I will mail them to you soon!


  1. that looks delicious!

  2. wow, congratulations on your discipline to achieve your weight loss goals. those food pictures are great! yummy!

  3. Congratulations on the weight loss, and those food pics look absolutely yummy!

  4. Congratulations, those pegs look wonderful. very unique, take care.

  5. Hey well done Shona! It's great timing to read this post now. 4 years ago I went through a great weight loss through exercise and diet and got well below my pre-pregnancy weight - lost about 8kg. Then gradually it began creeping back on but never too much. Until I turned 40 in March. I have no idea what is happening here but suddenly I've put on 6kg in 6 months.... Drastic action required. I'm going to look up this diet!

  6. Lily's picture are fantastic! I just love that she helped you. That's so sweet :)

    At our house this is the 2nd week of a new focus on food. We started eating all natural as well as juicing. And NO. MORE. COKE. I was a terrible soda addict but I quit cold turkey and haven't looked back. We've always had fresh foods in the the house but I was too often turning to boxed foods to fill in the gaps. No more of that. Now when we cook and eat we think of the nutrition we are putting in our bodies and how good it is for us and it's so very motivating. Even by bacon cheeseburger eating husband and son and on board. It's a great family exeprience.

    Congrats on the weight loss! I bet you feel awesome.

  7. I just love this place. Thank you Shona.

  8. I am doing South Beach too and I love the way it makes me feel.
    Thanks for the recipe.

  9. I think I have to find out about South Beach pronto! And your food photographs are already gorgeous, Shona, and I also think Lily's fave picture is mine as well, as she has the light coming in just right.

  10. Yes!! I love South Beach! Love the food, the weight-loss, the energy! It's the best!!

    Love your post!

  11. Anonymous2:57 PM

    You go Shona girl!
    Have heard great things
    about this diet!
    Love the photos.
    May I come for dinner?

    PS "Rip the Page - Adventures in Creative Writing" by Karen Benke is a great book for inspiring writers both young and old!
    Just got my copy and going to share with my little person!

  12. Wahoo! I'm so excited about winning the clothes pins! I have a naked window next to my desk and I can't wait to make them at home there. Thank you so much.
    I also appreciate hearing about your success with South Beach Diet. I have been interested in it but haven't been too sure. It's nice to have some feedback about it. Congratulations on your weight loss. That is awesome.

  13. Beautiful pictures, Shona, I absolutely love them. Congratulations on your diet success! 30 lbs is a lot! I don't think I could do South Beach though, I do love bread way too much and could never do without it (when I lived in Taiwan there was no reasonable bread available, it was horrible although all the other food was wonderful!).

  14. I would be interested in what you eat for breakfast on the SB diet. That is what always stops me. Good job!

  15. Congratulations on the weight loss. Great job! I've always heard good things about South Beach. It sure worked for you!


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