The beauty of layers

I am a dyed-in-the-wool mixed media person. I love layers. I love non-minimal. I love to combine art and images, words and photos. Movies are made (or broken) by the strength of the soundtrack. Somehow for me combining the arts always feels stronger.

Combining art with a friend's:
This is our latest Echo submission for the theme of Portal:
Shannon Mucha, left; Shona Right

Combining photos with rubber stamp photoshop tool:

Combining photos with mixed media art:

Combining photos with poetic words:
How do you mix your media?



Leave me a comment if you would like to win one of my little notebooks. 

Only if you promise to use it, to fill it with some words of reflection, words that will record something beautiful about your life.... deal?

I will let you know if your name comes up by Wednesday 9/15/10 ****** update ****** I am extending this deadline to Saturday 9/18/10 as I don't have a post ready for today!!!! I am working on a blogging schedule to keep me organized.  



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