For any (wannabe) dog lovers

I had the opportunity to do a guest post on the fab Chrysti Hydeck's blog today. It is for any folks who need to be reminded, despite the busyness of motherhood to remember to love our pets! I so need to remember this one. Oh my!

I hope you go an visit me over there.



  1. Hi Shona, I'll do just that!We don't have any trouble remembering our pets. Tiger, our very demanding and loveable cat, just grabs us as we walk by. He loves me best and shows it by biting on me. He lays on the ironing board and waits patiently for me to walk by. Then the claws come out and grabs for me with a swipe. He just wants attention but he isn't shy at all about getting it.

    Pets are wonderful aren't they?


  2. PS. I so adore that photo! Is that Max? Oh my--he's growing so fast!

  3. just adorable...xxx

  4. I love that photo, what a beautiful moment captured.

  5. thanks. this is just what I needed. my 17 month old 'puppy' still can't figure out that he's supposed to do his business outside. I've been so discouraged and this photo is amazing! thanks so much!!

  6. I met your sweet Joe Man. Makes me want to go to the pound and get a sweet doggie.
    Amy has a sweet doggie named Tucker. He also is a mix and he found them, he's is a great dog.
    Cute pic!

  7. That is a darling picture!

  8. And your guest post was beautiful :-) It makes me want a dog

  9. Anonymous6:55 AM

    awww...pets are dear sweet friends who ask so little but give so much...i am going to take my border collie on a long walk filled with lots of hugs...a wonderful thought and beautiful image...thank you both you and Chrysti.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. How much tenderness in this friendship! Fantastic

  12. I love that picture!

  13. LOVE this shot. I so wish I could post photos in this huge format on my blog-it looks great! Have a great weekend!

  14. thank you all, so glad there are other dog lovers out there!

    Scarlett Clay, in order for my photos to appear large I use the stretched minima template (I think that is what it is called). Then when I upload the photo I choose 'extra large' format and viola.

    but one other thing is that no matter what size your template is if you trim your photo to more of a square shape it always appears bigger on the screen (than ones that are 4x6 shape).

    all the best


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