How to make a homemade gallery

The final piece to my house remodel was to create a space to hang some of our artistic creations in our new craft room. The craft room has windows that had these ugly window treatments, not curtains but triangles of heavy material that served no real purpose. I decided to take them down and hang art from the remaining curtain rods.  My sweet girls helped me put it together. It took 2 days, I thought I would share it with you:

Day 1, we decorated some wooden pegs:

1) We took apart a whole package of wooden pegs, setting the wire joining things aside.

2) We painted the pegs (this one was done by Lily, age 8)

3) When they were dry, we stamped on the flat side of the pegs with Staz On ink:

4) We reassembled the pegs (I put all the wires back on as they are difficult to do, I used a two needle nose pliers so that I didn't break all my nails!)

Day 2, we added the wires and hung them up:

1) We cut pieces of wire about 12 inches long (yes, my daughters did help on this).

2) Next we threaded the wire through the round middle of the peg, bent a short tip over and twisted it. The photos should explain it better:

3) Then I attached the wired peg to the curtain rod

4) And then we used the pegs to hang up all our art work.

Viola: our own art gallery!

(next project - paint those craft room walls!!!)

There are many ways of making a hanging gallery in your house, but I like this one because of the painted pegs. I like that our 'art' has function. I like that we made it together. As the girls grow we are doing more and more crafty things together. I love it!!

THIS WEEK - a 'leave a comment' giveaway!
I would like to give away some of the pegs that I made to someone who loves functional art! I stamped them with some stamps from this collection over at Stampington & Co. I can't show you a photo as somehow my camera has decided to not communicate with my computer, but I hope to get it fixed soon and show you how lovely these stamps look on painted pegs. They look something like these ones that I made a while back:

So for a chance to win some of these pegs, please leave me a comment and I will do a drawing next Wednesday (9-8-10). 


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