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One of the major things I heard from my blog survey was that it is best to have a regular blog schedule, and that every other day is optimal. Before the summer I used to do Tue, Thur and Sat, but I think for a change I am going to do Mon, Wed, Fri.

The second thing was I discovered most folks come here for 3 main reasons: mixed media tutorials, the topic of motherhood and photography. So I am going to continue to focus on those topics. I have 'named' my themes.... to rhyme with the day. Yes, I know many do it and it is kind of cutesy (which I really am not), but honestly I think it is going to help me keep focused and allow you, my readers to know what to expect here.  

So here they are:

Mother Muses Monday

- topics: thoughts about being a mom in general, motherhood poetry, life as a mom, how awesome my kids are :), how to survive motherhood, the joys of being a mom, homeschooling, time management, links to good resources, etc

Wednesday Workshop 

- Workshop topics: demos of mixed media/collage projects and supplies, re/upcycling projects, possibly some kids crafts. I would love to have some guest posts here too - all focused on the 'how to', those beloved tutorials.

or Wordless Wednesday (Alternative weeks)

- Wordless topics: I know many folks already are doing this, so it needs little introduction - basically whatever photo feels right for the day. Workshops and tutorials take a while to prepare so this will give me time to do it without burning out and anyhow I have a plethora of photos to share!

Art Finds Friday

- topics: 5 independent things all related to art (art in the broadest sense - mixed media, photography, poetry, music and so on) – inspiring blog links, intro to cool supplies, an art challenge for the weekend, art giveaway, random thoughts about being an artist, music links - basically whatever I feel like talking about with the only restriction that I only include one topic per point. So no rambling thoughts or paragraphs.

So I hope this will help you to come visit me when a topic that interests you is posted! The schedule will begin Monday October 4. So join me please.

Thank you again for helping me with the survey. It has been invaluable. 


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