Art Finds Friday - November 19, 2010


Last night I left the comfort of my home, my kids in care of daddy and went to Houston to a book signing  - Chris Guillebeau's book 'The Art of Non-Conformity'. I have been enjoying his blog for a while, he talks about leading a life that is outside the norm, doing what makes us really happy all in the context of service to others. I think that as a homeschooler it is inevitable that I would be a part of his audience. I like to listen to what he says and then apply it to my life as an artistic mother. Chris spoke for a while last night and then opened it up for Q&A, which was good, but to be honest I would have preferred to hear more from Chris, he has some interesting thoughts and ideas.

It was fun being there. I got to meet Chris, have my book signed and I met a few other bloggers. It was fun to be around folks who talk the same blog speak and know about things like Seth Godin and NaNoWriMo, stats and traffic and all that. I briefly spoke to author and blogger Karen Walrond, who was the host of the meeting.

I enjoyed watching this video Crystal Street put together of one of his meetings in North Carolina, it made me not so nervous about attending the one in Houston.

The Unconventional Book Tour stops in Durham, NC. from crystal street on Vimeo.

Videos are a powerful medium. I am in the process of creating one to talk about my book. It is a lot harder than I thought. I have given myself a Christmas deadline.


Please visit me at Stephanie Levy's blog. She interview me about being an artistic mother and has posted it on her blog yesterday. I am sure she would love to hear from you. If I remember correctly I actually got the interview because I left a comment on her blog one time I had wandered over, so you never know what can come of saying hello!


I about fell over when I saw a man's name in my 'follower' list! Joel of Wildberries signed up and I am so glad he did. He has a downloadable journal fantasy, poetry and art called 'Wildberries Journal of Mythic Fantasy'. You may not be as into poetry as I am, but the art on p6s 6 and 17 by Christina Cairns is worth a look.

I am just over 800 followers now! Thank you, where did you all come from? It amazes me when I step back and think about it. I appreciate you visiting and letting me know you hear me. Nothing better than that for the writer soul in me. 


The man can sing. When you first listen to Jack L, you have no idea the amazing voice that is to come. I got to see him in concert in a pub in Ireland the summer before last, he was an amazing performer.

Here he is singing 'Rooftops' live with Dublin behind him:

And here is another lovely Irish singer, Lisa Hannigan. She used to be with Damien Rice, but has since become a singer in her own right.


1) Hang out with this cool, happy baby & his siblings.

2) I am going to focus on writing poetry for the remainder of this month. I will write everyday. This is my accountability. This, me announcing it. Here. Even on Thanksgiving day. Especially on Thanksgiving day!

3) Take next week off from blogging for Thanksgiving. So see you 11/29.

Please leave me a comment to tell me how I am doing with my new blog schedule, I am, again, rethinking it! My blog is like a tinker toy I just can't leave alone. I am seeking a balance between speaking in my own voice/way/content and giving my readers what they want. It is not an exact science!


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