Art Finds Friday - November 5, 2010 & giveaway


I am reading B.H. Fairchild's latest book and so far it is excellent. He is a master at long sentences that somehow don't lose the reader's attention and narratives of strange characters' momentary events, steeped in unusual histories. I love how he sees the deeper character in those people he comes in brief contact with or imagines. His poetic voice is very American, independent and confident. Good stuff, interesting. (Not for kids).

There is a very powerful poem 'Madonna and Child, Perryton, Texas 1967 about a screaming baby who calms down only when the momma nurses her baby, his description is so spot on. It is such a poignant moment that 'forty years later this scene still hangs in my mind'.


A junk mail journal with painted junk mail for the paper and cover, my own photography, and rubber stamps - these Fanciful Outline Lowercase Alphabet. I received these stamps in my capacity as an Artist On Call for Stampington. Every few months I get some new stamps to work with, some of this work then appears in Stampers' Sampler magazine.


I spotted my book in my local Hobby Lobby. This photo is of my dad looking at his daughter's book and his grandkids' photos!


This week I would love you to go check out the blog of Kelly Thiel. She is a very talented sculpture artist, art journaler and mother. She gives her readers a very interesting look at the process involved in creating her bronze sculptures. She also blogs about being a mom and posts some recipes. Worth a look.


I came across this book 'Inner Excavation' on Liz Lamoreux's blog about 6 months ago. The subtitle is 'Explore your self through Photography, Poetry, and Mixed Media'!!!!!!! As those are the same arts that I am involved in I immediately went to Amazon and hit 'pre-order'. About 2 months ago I was again on Liz's blog and I read more about her book and, completely forgetting that I had already done so, I pre-ordered it again! Imagine my surprise one day, when the book was released, that 2 copies of the book arrived to me!  I guess I really was meant to have this book.

Well, as I have 2 copies I am going to give one of them away. To you, or one of you!

So leave me a comment and tell me which is your favorite of these 3 arts: Photography, poetry and mixed media. I will announce the winner next Friday (11-12-10).


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