Learning to walk

My life as I knew it is over, at least for a little while. Max turned one last week and is moving about more and more and even beginning to walk. I can no longer put him down and know I can do a quick blog post or eat my lunch. No, he is all boy, opening the back door, longing to go outside, batting away books, preferring to crawl quickly to cupboards or drawers to empty the contents. I am this close to giving up putting everything back in place at least until he is older!

This may sound like a complaint, but really what a privilege to help launch this child into the world, to give him stronger legs, to be there as the world comes rushing towards him! Lord, help me be a good Momma.

and so where does it come from,
this drive to rise up?

he came to my arms lying down
he has been carried
he has been worn

I did not tell him to walk
I only cheer
when he pulls to a stand
I lean in
lending my hand
a finger hold
the last thread of security

this is his world to discover
these are his legs to strengthen
his pine cones to navigate
to pick up and be pricked by.

how he faces it, wobbling today,
running tomorrow, is his business

I can blow breath in the direction
I think is right
but he will learn the hard way
like every other boy before him

Shona Cole


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