Antidote to feeling down

So I return to what makes me whole again. Pray. Talk. Create.

Excuse my absence. 
Nothing profound is going on.
Just the ups and downs of life.
Not feeling confident in my voice.

I will post a few things I have been making/writing when I get my confidence back. 
 In the meantime I will live my real life with crumbs to clean off beautiful faces, finding time to create and think. 

Thank you all for the kind words last week when something was actually wrong - a massive cold that seems to be going around Texas. That is all over now for the Coles. Thankfully. I hope your part of the world is well.  


  1. So glad you are well again. We've had some colds going around here, too, thankfully nothing too nasty, though. Crossing my fingers. It isn't over yet.

  2. Anonymous9:29 AM

    good morning! i have been there many times. and cabin fever does nothing to help in the winter...
    hope you feel better soon. i escape in a book a lot when i have the blahs :)

  3. Glad you are feeling beter!

  4. Glad you are feeling better. happy days ahead.

  5. You are taking care of yourself, and that's a good thing. We all have to remember to be gentle with ourselves too, not just the little ones and our friends. Your confidence will rise again. In the meantime, stay warm!

  6. Love your realness and honesty.
    Keep enjoying your family and the everyday moments.

  7. Sometimes we just have to stop and take a breath and a break. Hope your confidence returns soon...

  8. Hi Shona, Sorry to hear you were sick. I do hope you feel better about what you do soon. I love the things you share. Your art..your 'voice'...the poetry..and the photos. All of it is so beautiful. I enjoyed playing with Max this Sunday. :o)


  9. I'm gad you've recovered from your cold.

    And I know too well the feeling of waning confidence in my voice.... Yet, you're right. The only antidote is to continue creating.

    My theory is that we have so many things going on that the background noise can drown the creative/artistic voice in us. It's hard to hear or trust what it's saying.

  10. Glad you're feeling better too! I too totally get not feeling very confident in one's creative voice. I live in that permanent state. I usually feel as though I have nothing of any signficance to say. However somewhere deep inside I know that if I listen to that still small voice, the Kre8ive Life is the one that I am meant to live and share- even when I don't know what that means or how that looks. I now make myself blog as one way of training myself to think, be, live more creatively. Not sure if it is working or not but they say "fake it till you make it!".

  11. Okay, I seriously love your blog!... Can't wait to explore it some more! Lovely, just lovely...

  12. I love it when my friends are real. :-) Love you, girl. I'd say "Feel better soon...", but I know we learn the most when we're down. I pray you "rise to greater heights" soon. :-)

  13. the ups and downs- the challenges we face as artists- every day is a new day though.

  14. You have a beautiful and inspiring voice. Thank you for sharing it with the world :-)

    I'm glad you aren't sick anymore, and I hope you feel better emotion wise soon. :-)

  15. ive learned to love the ups and downs becuase i supose if life was all up there would be know challenge


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