The Good Coach on CRESCENDOh

Each week in the month of March I will be offering a series on The Good Coach section of Jenny Doh's CRESCENDOh.

My topic is, as you can imagine, on Artistic Mothering.

Week one - Doing what you love (in a nutshell, doing art regardless of how tired you are)
Week two - Practical tips for introducing art to your children
Week three - Practical tips for doing art with your kids
Week four - 5 tips for finding the time for art - * Update * This post has the journal prompt download.

All this is free!

And I will be offering a free journal prompt download to compliment the series and free directions on making a folder to house your journal prompts. Each of the 12 prompts features mixed media/photos by me coupled with relevant journal prompts. I will let you know when the download is available.

I hope you will take a chance to visit me on CRESCENDOh today and for the next 3 weeks and let me know what you think.


  1. I loved your post over there.

    It's incredible how people from different backgrounds, regions, life experiences, and personalities end up with so much in common through one thread - being a creative mama. When I read your posts, it's like having a conversation with myself at times. Although you're a lot more articulate and accomplished. :)

  2. Hi Shona, I want to join! I'll drop by right away. BTW, I mentioned you as a great photographer and a stylish blogger. I received the award and passed in on to you and others. I know you already have it, but I wanted my readers to see your blog. :o)

    BTW, I'm starting to write SHORT posts!! Learning to write and edit better. Also I'm taking photo 'assignments' from Digital Photography online. Tim helped me figure out my ISO speed and other things and how to tweak it on a 'point and shoot'. Happy me!

    Lovely photos!!! As usual. :o)Thanks for helping me improve my blog. You have done more than anyone to do that. I really appreciate it more than I can ever say.



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