These words sound sad, but my focus is on 'conviction'. I am utterly convicted that my path is here with my children. Nothing will tear me away from them and this deep seated desire to raise my kids here, at home with my husband.

I want my art to reflect my life here. Somehow. Even the purely decorative things I make, the things that look nice with little deeper meaning, the stamping, the crafts - they are for my girls, to inspire them to create too. To make the world a more beautiful place. To use their hands for good.

And boy do they create. Constantly. Completely. Larger than life. This pattern is working!


  1. Hi Shona,

    Wow -- your art is always so moving, so emotional. Thanks for sharing it with all of us!

    You are an active blogger, so I would love to invite you to my One World One Heart giveaway. It's still time to hop over to my blog and leave a comment to win a beaded necklace . Comments will be accepted until February 17th (please think of the time difference).


  2. That is beautiful. The picture, the poem, your explanation. Makes my heart soar.

  3. "Well done my good and faithful servant."

  4. The poem is beautiful Shona, as is the sentiment behind it.
    Maintain your conviction...

  5. This is beautiful Shona! The poem doesn't sound sad to me, but rather reflective... I love that photo with the poem. I want to try that sometime!

    You would really like my Tuesday Tea post..on the Seven Secrets of a Happy Home. I just summarized the points on the tea post to leave more room for the 'taking tea together' part. I'm writing the acual post on my devotional journal.

    Rebekah and I are doing a 30 min. for 30 days with God challenge and writing devotional journals together (online). You would be amazed at her photos and writing. Much more concise and poetic than mine are.

    Thanks for sharing this. It inspires me. I'm so glad the Lord has brought you so far on your journey through motherhood. You've come along way from our chats from seven years ago. :o) I see the Lord's light shining through your words, Shona. :o)


  6. Holy wow. I've just discovered your book and blog today, and I'm so happy to find you! I SO know this poem, these feelings. As a mother of 4 under age 11, I'm with you. Thank you. I'll be here often.

  7. I share the same sweet conviction. As a mom to two adult daughters that bring me great joy . . . I say, go for it! It is so worth it.


  8. what beautiful poetic words- of course family is most important and of course you want to weave your life and family into your art.

  9. So beautiful. Thank you.

  10. Oh my did you write that. Beautiful.

  11. Lovely Shona. It was such a joy to be at home with my girls for all those years. Hopefully they might also experience it.

  12. So beautifully said, so true. Stick to your values. Glad I found your blog! Love it!!


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