Art has a life of it's own

I was really moved by this quote on Chatting at the Sky this week. Emily has been writing about art this year on her blog, so I have become a regular reader. She is a lovely writer, and seems like a nice, gentle, kind soul herself.

I am looking ahead and laying out possible 'big' artistic projects I want to work on. I have things I am making and I am doing creative things everyday - recently I have made 3 necklaces, altered a small journal cover, made a couple of cards, did a home photoshoot for the wishBIG ecamp (which I posted on Flickr), played with photoshopping two images together, wrote a few poems, edited 2 super short kid's videos and have a couple of mixed media projects for the weekend. And this will continue, but I need something new and consuming. Something exciting.

Usually, I panic when I don't have a project right in front of me. I get insecure. I call Shannon. I bug my husband. I flap my hands at God, even though I know that this in between project stage is part of the creative process. I just have to learn to let it sit well with me. Be okay with the uncertainty.

I think there is a little fear in me that I may never do anything worth a lick again. I am afraid that is it, the well is closed. But when I look back, that is never the case. I am constantly finding new things that excite me to do. 

But also, and why I like Emily's quote, "art has a life of it's own". So, art will find me as it always does. 



  1. I find the quote to be rather calming.

  2. this is a great quote. the photo caught my attention on my blog roll right away! i relate, shona, to that feeling when you don't have something you are officially working on right it is going to be over...but like you said, it never is. there is always something new!

  3. Nice Quote,
    I fall into the 'not so great artist' category, but that has never stopped me from playing.
    I think doing things just to please me, with no greater expectation than that, is okay too.

  4. I feel the same way right now, between things, and worried about it. But this is why it is so important for artists to spend time together, to realize that dry times are all a part of the rhythm of creativity and its replenishment. love, Beth

  5. "art will find me"......I like that thought. I am slowly coming out of hibernation, I think its been two weeks since I have had my studio set up and I am starting to play again.
    Your list of what you have done sounds huge to me.

  6. Hi Shona!
    For some reason, I couldn't post on the other site about how to do art with your kids. I just wanted you to know that I think this blog post is just fantastic and makes me very excited to be a mother one day. Your kids are lucky to have such a creative, loving, and warm mommy. Keep up your amazing work.

  7. This is such a creative idea Shona. I don't think you will ever run out of ideas. :o)

    BTW, your necklace was so pretty! I loved seeing it on you yesterday.



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