History is fun!

We are doing Roman history this year in school. Matthew is in 7th grade and studies under his dad's capable hand. I work with the girls on 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades.

Matthew is a reader, he reads something, it makes sense to him, he integrates it into his vast knowledge bank and that is that. When I did 3rd grade Roman history with Matthew he would glance at the craft offerings that accompanied the lesson and say 'Mom, we don't have to do that, do we?' I quit offering, relieved that I didn't have to get all the supplies out and end up doing it all myself!

My 2 older girls on the other hand are not really into words. They need visuals and hands on learning. They fidget when I read to them, they can hear my words over and over 'Republic.... Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon.... Empire... expansion.... Augustus.... blab blab blab.... but it is just not sinking in.

Fortunately, I have a book that saves history from doom - Classical Kids: An Activity Guide to Life in Ancient Greece and Rome.

The way I can get them to sit and listen to the historical facts is by the promise of a related craft. We have done many from this book. (I really should be photographing this stuff more. But my days are so FILLED with crafts and creativity it has almost become ho hum. Will do better.)

So here is my 1st/2nd grader Laura as the Roman girl in her stolla (p. 104) with her beaded bracelet (p. 110). I liked this craft because it involved more than just cardboard and paper!

Oh, last night at I was giving Lily her cuddle she actually said 'history is fun'! I am telling you that is big Cole news!!

(that is paint on her hand and arm!!! left over from some other, unsupervised creative activity)
Mum, you need to come to visit.... the girls have forgotten how to brush their hair ;) we need you!


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