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So moving on from my introspective post yesterday (thank you for all the supportive comments) - Annie got a very cool craft book from Shannon's little girl Nomi for her 5th birthday. It is called Make it by Jane Bull. We have slowly been working through the projects.

I love this book cause you get to use stuff you already own. I believe it is a matter of good character to not waste things and to use what we have to the fullest. I rarely have anything to donate as we use stuff until it is ruined or altered!
paper mache bowl by Annie, 5

I love how my girls approach crafts. Every day they make something out of whatever is around the house whether I initiate it or not. And when they do, they are so enthusiastic, they always run into their dad (who works from home) to show him what they made. They are addicted to his constantly over the top, positive reaction to every little morsel they make! And then they want me to photograph it! So sweet. Art is a family affair in the Cole home.

Bags made from old jeans - these were super simple to make and so cute!!
Annie wanted to set up her mat like the one in the book!

I know that doing art with kids can seem overwhelming. But I believe that it is worth the time, effort and inevitable mess! Really, art is an essential part of my kid's education. Over at CRESCENDOh this week I have a fun, practical post about introducing art to your kids. Next week I will be talking about mental and physical preparation. Good stuff.

I hope you will visit me there and add your thoughts and ideas.


  1. those are gorgeous! I'm a firm believer in doing arts and crafts with kids as much as we can. It teaches them so many skills and values too (working hard for something and being proud of their work for example). My little one has quite a collection of things she's made in her short 2 years, haha.

  2. THanks for the book rec! I can't wait to go find it!

  3. so worth the time we invest in such thank you.

  4. super duper cute and fun!
    hugs and smiles~ jill

  5. thank you folks!

  6. Shona I love the things your girls made. How precious! You are such a good mom to help them with their projects. :o) Great jean purses!! I love the rose on the one and the great color of the green one. And the woven mat is adorable.

    It's so fun to help our children create isn't it?

    Donna @ Comin' Home

  7. Hi there Shona, I think you are doing a good job teaching your kids to recycle things by way of arts and crafts. I think you're also enhancing their artistic skills and values. The works of your kids are very nice. Thanks for sharing.

    John Briner Art


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