Creative Spring

First things first....

Homeschool Mom advice.
Beading - colorful. bold.
It is the thing to do when she is 5 and everyone else is doing school.

Second. This: I am taking my own advice (the words I laid down in my book). Living day by day my own creative dream. Fitting art time into my day, everyday.

This time not mixed media, not even photography. I am writing. Creative writing. I feel like I am flying.

I hate to be so oblique here and not tell you exactly what I am working on. It is so against my nature to not be straight forward. But I have to honor the Spring of my creative venture. At least for now.

And my kids are ever growing and pushing inwards and I have to meet that challenge. I have to help keep their world moving forward. I have to keep them challenged and encouraged. Everyday my husband and I wonder where each of their huge personalities come from. One day is more awesome and creative than the next.

I look back at this blog and I am amazed at how many people I have met. It is wonderful to have found so many people who 'get' what I am doing here with my art and book and homeschooling and all that. People that are committed to living the artistic life in their homes too. I don't want to loose that. So please, while I am not blogging regularly please don't forget me. I will have something awesome for you in a few months. Seriously. Trust me. I am using my time diligently. I am excited and hopeful.

Stamp from CRESCENDOh 'Everyday Me' by Christine Mason Miller.


  1. How Exciting! Your daughter is gorgeous and loving the collage. Happy Creating!

  2. I just bought your book on Sunday. I will read it, while you are away from your blog. :)

    Enjoy your project and blog break.


  3. I look forward to your big reveal when you are ready to share. In the meantime, enjoy the process.

  4. Do what is most important.
    You don't get these days back again.
    Have no regrets.
    One day, you will have lots of time to reflect on your choices made today.

  5. Oooohhh, I can't wait to hear what you're cooking up! How exciting to get your creative rivers and oceans flowing and taking you with them. Enjoy the whirlwind of your artistic life, mama.

  6. I was just thinking about you my house our butterflies are coming out of cocoons...maybe you are working steadily in yours too=)Can't wait to see you when you emerge!

  7. How wonderful for you! ...and this photo of your daughter is gorgeous!

  8. I love this, "Fitting art time into my day, everyday".
    I've wanted to do this, I've thought about doing it.
    Now, with your quote in mind, I am going to do this.

  9. Enjoy the creative flow...can't imagine you'd ever be forgotten with your talent and authenticity. Looking forward to see what you unveil next

  10. Not sure how I landed on your blog but I am over the moon I did! Looking forward to ordering your book :)
    Happy crafting. Gez.xx

  11. Keep going on your new project! You can do it!

  12. You are so great at creative writing I can easily see you doing this. Enjoy the flow.

  13. Some days--as we are in the midst of many transitions at my home--I peek in your book and I dream and I give myself those moments to indulge in the dream...and then I look back to the "mundane" and allow myself to see the art and beauty in what I am already doing.

    Because some days that is all the time I have for art--but it is much, much better than nothing.

    Thank you for your inspiring example!

  14. I am so glad I found my way here tonight. Your artist voice is beautiful.

  15. Hello! I found your blog through CRESCENDoh about a week ago and have been reading your wonderful posts. I am a mother who's trying to re-kindle the creativity back into my life. Just a few days ago, I went to a Borders Express in my Hawaiian neighborhood. They usually have a very crappy selection, especially anything art related. Then I found your book! I couldn't believe they actually had something I wanted to buy. I am reading through it and appreciate your insight on motherhood and being an artist..why it's important to all of us.
    I used to be on blogger but now am on Squarespace. you can follow my old blogger then it has my new site.

  16. Shona..that is the most gorgeous photo! When you take photos of your children..they are always so enchanting! :o)


  17. Shona,
    I had no idea that you homeschool, as well. I've been using your book for about a year now. I am finding more time for my creative self and try to create space for my boys to do the same. four years old and 19 months old. They have their creative space, materials, and an easel with paints. Of course, paints have to have my direct attention, but I can see lazy summer days outside in the yard painting and having fun. Thanks for spurring my creativity.

  18. What an absolutely stunning photo of your daughter! Lovely collage also! :)


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