Thank you to my sweet girls for doing the 'beauty shot'
These are so cute - ABC flashcards. The directions, with photos, are over at CRESCENDOh. I know they are not 'art' but they represent so much of my life - making stuff for and with my kids. I made the cards for Max, but my girls set up the shot, adding in bits and pieces to make it a little group shot.

It just makes me smile.

I am going to finish off the rest of the alphabet by the time Max need them. I think I will have to get them laminated as they won't last as they are!

Being creative is such a joy, really. Creativity is a big part of our home and life. It makes everything possible and exciting. Everyday something happens here that is new and fun and artistic, be that my kids painting, building fairy houses and pet shop worlds or me making decisions on the apartment we are building for my parents making a necklace. A couple of posts ago I mentioned that I needed a big project. Well, I found one! I am not ready to reveal it until I have waded in a little deeper. But I am excited. I have something fresh to work on. I love fresh. I love spring. Don't you?


  1. very cute cards...we are the same, creativity is huge, on paper and with music as well...the photos are beautiful and now i am about to check out the parents apartment

  2. hello shona!
    yes!!! i LOVE spring!
    & i also love your
    ARTful cards (yes they are!) :)
    & your photos are always
    much love! xox

  3. Anonymous9:36 AM

    What wonderful flashcards! you are such an inspiration.

  4. these are beautiful...lovely idea

  5. You are such a tease, making us wait to find out what your new project is. Love how your girls set everything up for the shot. They are really good at it. Perfect little assistants. Cute cards, too. I'm sure Max will love them.

  6. Absolutely love Spring! And I can't wait to see your new project.

    And oh my, how cute are these ABC cards? I might just make some for N., but bilingual ones. Thank you for the inspiration.

  7. How pretty Shona! I love what the girls did and your outdoor photos. Your pictures are so beautiful!

  8. lovely and true post, as always.

  9. Who says they're not art? They're GORGEOUS. Heart them so very much... the typography, the colors, all of it!

  10. I so agree with you, Shona, about creativity. I wanted to share with you that I posted my "artist vision statement" over on the wish big ecamp flickr group. Your class was wonderful for me and came together at the right time. I find you to be such an inspiration. I decided this week that I will be homeschooling (or unschooling) my children and feel blessed that I can merge my love of creativity w/ motherhood. Such a treasure. Life is so good. Happy to have connected with you. xo, Shannon

  11. Anonymous8:35 AM

    makes me smile too...those darling flash cards...something for every little person to have...wonderful...really, really sweet!!!!


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