A touch of nostalgia

I made this using a supplies from Stampington & Co. For directions on how to make this card pocket folder please go here.

frozen in time
I see an old friend
from way back
he is looking in the window
of a store on Grafton street
his image tight
never older
I am looking from above
leaning from a small wooden chair
in Bewely’s mezzanine
and he doesn’t see me
he doesn’t even remember

those days, ‘Dublin
in a rainstorm in the summer
keeping warm’. But I remember it
I remember his thin shoulders
would pull up when he laughed
bending at the waist towards me
the smell of his leather jacket
I thought we would never make 19

‘we’ didn’t
but 'I' did

that was the year I met
the true love that
misses my shape when
when I am late for bed,
that knows my face
older now and loves me more.

‘Dublin in a rainstorm in the summer keeping warm’
- a line from my favorite Sinead O’Connor song ‘Troy


  1. Oh my . . . I love Bewleys . . . I love Grafton Street . . . I love Ireland.


  2. That looks gorgeous! You've had shared some awesome projects... I need more time to try them all, haha. Have a blessed week.

  3. I'm happy that I visited today. Great post!!! Such a beautiful project and poem.

  4. Beautifully written! Such a gorgeous project to go along with it.
    My Blog

  5. I love your poetry!

  6. beautiful Shona! I love the photos and the poem. Wish I wasn't so swamped. I want to see the how to pictures. Tim's boss still here and we are working on sending out grad annoucements too. Today is sewing until I'm done on that banner. Has to be out tomorrow! Gorgeous project!!



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