Blank slate

Yes, I know I am a lucky girl right now. I get to choose the color scheme for the granny flat we are building. This week I need to choose do I go warm, like my current house...

or cool...

I think my mother would like cool, Lily & Matthew wants cool. Mark likes bold, warm and colorful but will go with whatever I choose. I am torn. When I am looking at house books I always like to look at the cool, sea colored, shabby chic houses, but when I am in a furniture store I always go with big and heavy and medieval.

torn, torn, torn

I have this blank slate to work with. I think I will be mood boarding this week. 

View from door to French doors off living room

View from living room towards back bedroom (left) and study (right)

View from living room to kitchen, that window will have the sink below it

Taped, floated and ready for paint. Oh, I have to pick cabinet and counter top colors too!!

Do you have any suggestions for helping me make that choice?


  1. Lucky, lucky, lucky!!!

    I personally prefer cool, but I think it depends on how well you can make it cozy. Cool can end up so distancing and intimidating. On the other hand, warm can end up overwhelming.

    Can you combine the accessories and furnishings that you've been looking at (heavy) with some cool colors? Does that end up too intimidating? I think there has to be a way of combing those two elements.

    Email Dear Genevieve? :)

  2. I like cool... all those shades look so peaceful to me.

  3. Right there with ya! Picking countertops and paint colors for kitchen right now.

    You will love having that space!!

  4. I think you should go with the cool because it is for your mother afterall. It should reflect her tastes. She's the one that will spend the most time there.

  5. I love cool tones better. I find them soothing. My advice try a bit on the walls and see how it looks at different times of the day!
    Your mom is lucky to be taken care of in such a sweet way!

  6. When living with color, it has to be what attracts you from within and Whatever serves a happy feeling is what I always go with. Oh, also more neutral than out of the box for long term.
    How exciting! I'm happy for you.

  7. oh luckiest you, a blank slate indeed!

    i adore looking at white-washed interiors, but to live in, has to be warm, and heavy squishy furniture. i got my pale taste in my bedroom.

    have fun!


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