Today I stayed home from church with a sick child. Mark took the others, so in the quiet of my house, in the daytime, in the real daylight :), I always do art things at night, I painted papers.

I covered bunches of white paper in Golden's gesso, which dries super fast, and then slopped on the paint - crafty, cheap acrylics and Golden's expensive fluid acrylics. I made monoprints of the sheets, let them dry and then painted over them. I sketched fruit and hands and eyes and painted over them. I scraped the paint and splattered the paint. I stamped with some of my new stamp carvings. No direction, no project in mind, just paper covering for the sake of it. It was fun and now I have over 40 new background options. Yeah!


  1. Hi Shona- I have a sick little guy this morning too. Aidan has a terrible cold and is not himself. But with that comes extra snuggle time, so that is nice! I love your backgrounds. I could just sit and create backgrounds forever. Well, not really, but it is really fun to do. I love how you said painting with "no direction". That is usally when the best creativity comes out. Have a good day-

  2. Hi Shona,
    Oh what fun that you got to play!!!--all alone, in the daylight, no less!!! These papers are beautiful!!! I can't wait to see what you will do with them!


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  4. don't ya just love gettin' your hands messy...

  5. Oh what beautiful paper! I missed you at church, but I'm glad you were able to create in the daylight. Praying you all are healthy soon! ~~Amy

  6. Beauty Full papers!!! LOVE all the colors! Exciting! xo, Cinda ps. hope your little one feels better

  7. i LOVE to work at night when the kids are asleep and the world is quiet...beautiful new backgrounds and the best way to create...without fear!!! :)

  8. These are wonderful, Shona. They're so pretty, and they really make me miss you. You're so wonderful at never wasting a wasting a moment. Love you!


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