I had in mind to make something else tonight, but I had a bad day today (hormones, Monday, you know the story), lots of frowning faces on my accountability chart, so I decided to make myself something to wear that would inspire me to be a better Momma tomorrow.

The pendant I made says on the back 'joyful mother', now how can I wear this and lie? Tomorrow is a new day and I get to start over and BE the joyful mother my babes deserve.

As I was writing this, my 2 year old woke up from sleep and wandered out to me. She said 'I want on your lap mommy'. How can I resist a sleepy cuddle. So now I am writing this with Laura heavy in my arms. She has already forgiven me for not being quite 'on' today.

Tomorrow really is a brand new day and I will wear this necklace with a full heart.


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