It is official, the problem is the solder. I used lead solder to make the pendants for the butterfly pieces and they turned out great - smooth, shiny, no burnt bits. Then tonight I made this one with the lead free solder and the pendant is the opposite. OK, it is not that bad, but just not satisfactory to me.

Note to self - work on getting Silvergleam solder, I believe that it will make all the difference.

Thank you to all of you who left such nice comments on my butterfly piece. It encourages me, and makes me think that I am on the right road for now. Thank you again. I am honored that you would visit me and take the time to let me know.

It is all give and take. Through blogging I have found so many neat artists who have their own little art worlds that I can slip into and visit and enjoy and learn from. What did we all do before blogging? Waited longingly for the next issue of Somerset Studio... Okay I still do that, but now we can find out easily what other artists are doing online right now. I have a list of blogs I check out daily and weekly, you know who you are! It's fun, it's free, it's colorful. It's inspiring.


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