Date with my boy

Matthew is a quality time person so every so often we go on Mom and me dates. Last week we went on one to town, ie. Dublin.

Matthew learned to juggle from an entertainer we met at Family Night at Chick Fil A in The Woodlands. He taught him the basics and recognized Matthew had good eye hand coordination and encouraged him to work at it. So we bought some ‘how to’ juggle DVD’s from an online juggling store. 7 months later and he still loves to juggle.

So on our date we went to a juggling store in Temple Bar. The shop owner was super friendly to Matthew and gave him some great advice. After the store we had dinner at Eddie Rockets (in the US it is called Johnnie Rockets, but looks the same!), spent a little time at Hodges Figgis bookshop and then off to the park where the Trinity College juggling group meets (who knew so many university kids were into juggling?). Matthew juggled there for about 2 hours, joining in with different groups, asking advice from the better jugglers and wowing the mainly older crowd with his skill. We stayed until the crowd grew to over 70 and Matthew realized he was the only kid!


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