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We are on our last week here in Ireland. We have packed a years worth of family outings into a month. Soon enough we will be back to the hot and humid of Houston, depending on A/C and waiting for the rare blessing of a cold front to give some relief. In the mean time we will enjoy the 13 - 16 C temps, short, light rain showers and easy access to scenic and historical places to walk.


I have my computer back! What a relief, the motherboard had to be replaced but the memory was untouched! So I didn't loose any of my photos! Yeah! Being without my computer showed me how dependent I am on it for so much of what I do for myself. All my photo storage and processing, connecting with friends, art research, poetry reading and writing happens right here on my computer. I am OK with that to a certain extent, but it took a little getting use to the idea of my computer being gone this last week. It is never easy to be shown a dependency, it feels a little like a weakness even though logically I know it is not. I love what the computer and the internet has given us by way of connection with others, creativity and productivity. While I plan to continue to limit my mindless, unproductive use of technology, I intend to go on celebrating what is good about it.

Here's to the guy at TypeTech who solved my Apple woes :)


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