Photo + collage

Recently, I did a series of art pieces where I combined a photo with a collage. I discovered this little birdie on my journey and once found he seemed to fly into each piece. It was fun seeing where he would show up!
The photo was taken in Glencree, Ireland last year. We visited the same place again this year and it is equally as lush and green and magical.


Computer saga:
My mum brought my computer into the shop for my on Friday afternoon as I visited with old school friends (my mother wins the award for being the most wonderful mother, ever). They will call me Monday or Tuesday to tell me the damage. I am down about it, as so much of me is on that computer... no, I had not backed my files up for a few months... I am hoping that they can fix the problem without loosing any of my photos and documents. Note to everyone: go out and get an external hardrive, even the best computer can crash :(


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