left overs

We had a lots of folks bring us dinner, baby gifts and flowers after we had Max. I love how babies bring out the loving, generous spirit in friends.

As my Mum usually is here to help us when I have a baby I have always said I don't need meals brought. But this time I didn't say no and am oh so glad I didn't. It was so good to not have to think about what was for dinner, good to not cook, and best of all good to eat something different. We were brought the loveliest of meals, and each one fed us for 2 days and some lunches! Thank you to my friends.

It has been lovely too having flowers about the house. I rarely get flowers for our house, but as Max's flowers are dying and we have been combining the healthy ones into one vase, I am missing the blooms in the kitchen, on the dining table, by my computer.

But there is nothing as lovely as a dying flower.

Makes me think of the movie Great Expectations.


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