Zutter 'Bind it all' (and new baby shots too)

Recently I sent some loose journal pages to Stampington & Co. and they bound them together with this machine - Bind it all by Zutter to make a finished journal. The journal is featured in the Autumn 2009 copy of Somerset Memories.

I was so enamored with this tool that I bought one myself. My mind boggles with the possibilities - binding photos, my kids stories and art, gifts of journals, storybooks I write for my kids.

I made one book before I had Max, I got round to binding it yesterday. I was amazed at how easy it is to use. I just followed the directions of this Stampington Video:

Here is how my book turned out:

I used the Bind it all Machine, the 6x6 canvas board covers and the Antique Brass O-wires 3/4 inch set. You can get all these supplies at Stampington & Co.


I can't help it, my camera eye is itching. Max is so sweet and my kids are so in love with their brother. He is constantly pawed and held and loved. I can't help but try to capture these moments.


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