and so we women share this memory

and so we women share this memory

this pouring out of self
this loosing shape
this rising and falling
this loving new again and again
this telling of ordinary days
of lunches and books
calling in for dinner, bubble baths
driving carefully on familiar streets
all buckled in
diaper bags, wallets and soothers
wooden toys, clean outfits
just in case

we slip by in this collective longing to shine,
to greet each day with a smile
failing and succeeding,
at times belonging
to each other, our children, husbands

but don’t say we have lost ourselves
(although it feels like that sometimes)

this love has made us strong
this part we play runs long and deep,
the act to come is merely
another version of what was

so we keep close these thoughts:
it has been,
it will be Okay Momma

by Shona Cole


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