Another giveaway announcement

I am participating in Sew, Mama, Sew's blog giveaway this December 2nd (next Wednesday). On that day you simply need to visit my blog and leave a comment to say you want to be in the drawing. I will be giving away this tote bag that I made especially for this giveaway. There will be a little surprise inside too!

In my book there are 12 'stepped out' projects to follow and 2 of them involve sewing, one of those is to make a very simple, but cute tote bag.


Just to clarify - The December 2nd giveaway is different from the Saturday giveaway I will be doing for my 'followers' that will start on December 12th.

You are welcome to enter both. How? Simple:
Dec 2nd - post a comment
Dec 12th - sign up to be a follower

Thanks to Trudy for alerting me to this giveaway day!


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