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When we first moved out of the city of Houston I promised myself I would still take my kids in to the theater, art museums, to see friends and so on. But time marches on and I have a very full and busy life out here, an hour north of Houston. I rarely get myself together enough to make it in to town. But fresh from the memory of the enjoyment of going to the Fancy Nancy author/illustrator book signing, yesterday I decided we would do another trip.

This time to the Children's Museum in Houston. It has been all done up and in my humble opinion those designers get and A+ for their creativity. The museum was an award winner before this and now, phew, it is an amazing collection of hands on 'learning is fun' experiences. Our favorite was Kidtropolis, a street with (pretend) shops, banks, fire station, diner, art studio and so on for the kids to play 'real life' make believe. The girls just loved it. Played and painted. (Matthew is in Las Vegas at a juggling convention with his daddy. Mark you are the best dad for supporting your son's unconventional hobby :)

We had dinner at Cafe Express in the Houston Museum of Fine Art down the road and then went to see the art (Thursday night is free night). There was a fabulous exhibition of Korean photography and another one of contemporary Korean art. And I mean fabulous. If anyone reading is near Houston I highly recommend it.

My kids were enthralled, especially with the giant American style doll house that has been 'hit' with a traditional Korean house. You could spend literally hours looking at all the itty, bitty furniture and household 'stuff' inside and wonder over the violent meeting of two cultures. Amazing. They also enjoyed the jewelry of India, and full Budda covered in turquoise sequence, and the giant half sphere covered in kitchen utensils. Inspired as they were they came home and immediately drew designs for golden crowns!

Their enthusiasm has been a further reminder to do 'it', to leave the house and do something out of the ordinary. Not only because it makes life more interesting, it bonds us together through even more colorful shared memories and is educational. It is better to do than not to do! That is my motto.

Please tell me what cool and unusual thing you have done or plan to do with your family!


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