Another fun photo activity to do with kids!

If you have kids, grandkids, nieces or newphews you gotta visit Acorn Pies. Beth has the most amazing ideas of things to do with kids in nature. I love to visit her peaceful, lovely blog - to get ideas and reminders of simple, fun activities. If you scroll down below her posts, she has listed tons of things to do with kids - from making boats out of sticks to making corn dolls, toy pennants or bubbles...

However, simple, back to nature is only a dream for our family. When I bring these ideas to my house they end up being modified to fit who we are. The Cole World is filled with pink and layers and sparkles and lots of indoor crafting. While we live on 5 acres of wooded land I am sorry to say we don't venture out much. We love to build forts and fairy houses.... but usually in the living room or den, in costume, while listening to really loud music.

So when I announced that we would be doing Acorn Pies latest activity, we modified it Cole style.

The activity is to "Take your child outdoors and see how many different textures you can find. Touch things and see if you can describe how they feel". That translated into 'go to the girls room and see how many different textures you can find to photograph'.

So we did. The kids all scouted around picking up toys and stuff, exploring the surface and describing & naming them, then presenting them to me to be photographed.

Here is what we found:

How fun was that? It was an interesting exercise as it took the kids a while to stop describing things by shape or color but to focus on the feel. And it was a good photography exercise for me ~ to not worry about photo composition or function or even color (my passion) but to try to capture the texture, to make texture the subject.

Thanks Beth for the idea. Why not consider doing this over the weekend? Let me know what you find!


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