Background paper decorating and Giveaway #13

I have found that in order to do any kind of collage, I have to have papers to collage with! In my book I list different types of papers and images that you could gather to build up your ‘art stash’ p55.

I always like to have something with a handmade look. I love bought scrapbook papers, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes something a little rougher, more organic is what a collage needs.

So I like to decorate my own papers! I made some the other week, and I wanted to share with you what the process looks like in real life:

Step 1
Layout a number of sheets of paper. (here I am using plain white copy paper, but you can get interesting effects on junk mail, typed paper, construction paper and cardstock)

Step 2
Choose your color scheme. I like to choose colors by turning the paint jars on end and grouping them in groups of 5 or 6 colors to see which ones are right together.

Step 3
Add at least 2 colors per page. I like to do random combinations of paint. Make little puddles of paint anywhere on the paper.

Step 4
Spread paint around the paper with either a paint brush or rag (or both) & some water, blending the different colors as they meet, while leaving other parts of the page with just one color. Add a third color if needed, I tend to add less of the new color. Make some of the pages washes by using more water. I like to vary the strength of the the color I use, saving the darker colors for the outside of the paper.

Step 5
Optional: use a piece of cardboard to spread paint too, it gives the surface a different texture.

Step 6
Paint all of your pages in a conveyor belt style until all the pages are painted. Let them dry.

Step 7
Choose the stamps and ink you want to 'decorate' your pages with.

Stamp the pages randomly, working again in that conveyor belt way. I don't worry what they look like, these will be torn or cut up for use in collage projects. They are not meant to be finished works of art!

And remember, your hands will get messy, but it will be worth it! This is a fun exercise to do with kids of all ages too!

I know this is super simple, but sometimes it is good to review the basics, if even to be reminded to do it!


To thank you for following along with my artful journey & the celebration of the launch of my book I am doing these regular Saturday giveaways!

One of my previous week's winners did not claim her prize so I am giving away 2 prizes this week!

The FIRST winner is

Sheree in New Zealand of Raven Moon Magic


You get to choose one of the following 2 gifts:

Choice #1 - A soldered charm bracelet

Choice #2 - A butterfly reminder that says 'Pray Constantly'

The SECOND winner is
Amanda in the UK of


You get to choose one of the following 2 gifts:

Choice #1 - Soldered charm bracelet

Choice #2 - Collaged notebook 8x5 inches

Leave me a comment with your choice here and then I will contact you by email to get your addresses!

I have very much enjoyed doing these giveaways. I make so many art pieces that I don't have enough space for everything. It is the perfect way to pay it forward!

I will be taking a break from giveaways for the rest of March, but in April I am going to do 4 Saturday giveaways, the prize being kits that can be used to get started on the workshop in my book! I think that I will open those giveaways to comments so that I can be sure the kits go to folks that are interested in receiving mixed media supplies.

In May I will do a regular Followers giveaway again.

Off for the summer, as we go home to Ireland.

After that, who knows!!!


I am very excited to announce that the Shoppe at Stampington has listed my book! I am delighted. I learned so much of what I know from Stampington magazines, so it is no small thing to be part of their shoppe! I still remember the moment when browsing Barnes and Nobles I discovered Somerset Studio for the first time. It as like I was punched, I knew in that moment that mixed media was what I wanted to do.

Stampington publish a weekly e-news called 'Creative Impulse' and they included some pages from Shannon Mucha and my collaborative Motherhood journal in their 'guest artist/bonus project' section.


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