Creative beginnings

Let me introduce Somerset Apprentice.

It "is a much more basic and thorough understanding of techniques geared toward people who aspire to make Somerset-esque art but need to learn the fundamentals through easy-to-understand instructions and close-up photos. We teach you the artful building blocks focusing on the basic how to's of amazing artwork." Stampington & Co.

This magazine is close to my heart. We all have to start somewhere. I remember when I started out doing mixed media, I poured over the techniques in Somerset Studio and books like Claudine Hellmuth’s Collage Discovery Workshop and Karen Michel’s ‘Complete Guide to Altered Images’ following the directions, trying out everything I read. Of course I ended up with a bunch of art pieces that looked like theirs, but no matter, it was a platform of skill off which I could leap and find my own voice.

This magazine is perfect for Moms like me who can’t take off and go to workshops or night classes, who are fitting art into their real lives. You can take the magazine with you to watch your kids classes, or on a picnic while they play. Then at home when the kids are busy, asleep or whatever you can try out the techniques, step by step.

There are many great articles in this publication by some wonderful artists. Even though they are meant to be to get you started I have found that I still benefit from reviewing the basics and affirming the techniques I have developed.

I have a small feature in this magazine about getting the creative juices going & choosing my color pallet for a project. Thank you to Jana Holstein for the invitation to share what I have learned.

The vision of Somerset Apprentice ~ to help the next new wave of mixed media artists in the door is something I strongly believe in, and was a major fuel for my book writing. But I want to not only come along side new artists, pry the creativity out of the shy, but energize the oldies (like me) ~ I have had my fair share of creative ruts and have found going back to the basics, to the essence of my art vision can ‘bring back that loving feeling’!

Thanks to Shannon Mucha for the photo above, of the magazine. I love that peek at the background papers you made Shan :) Even though Shannon is a seasoned artist, illustrator, photographer and all around artistic mother she is going to go through my book's workshop with Trudy Callan's Artistic Mother Art Group! I am so excited now as photos are starting to roll in of the things that those women are making!

If you happen to be doing the workshop on your own, feel free to add any photos to the Artistic Mother Flickr group that I am hosting. The journey has just begun, don't be worried if you don't like what you have made, we all started somewhere.

Can you remember your creative awakenings – first awakening or post-block awakening? Wanna share?


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