Family traditions

For Lily's 8th birthday we didn't do a party with tons of friends and games and present opening and a theme.... instead we had a weekend long celebration that included craft time with Mom, daily gift openings, a trip to see the Faberge exhibition at the Houston Science museum (her choice, that girl loves anything pretty), a picnic, a movie (The Toothfairy, which was very cute and surprisingly funny).

But the most special part involved a family tradition: when I was 8 I got my ears pierced in a department store in Dublin. So after much anticipation and discussion and forward looking we took Lily to Claire's at the Mall to get her ears pierced. She chose purple studs.

I love the whole idea of creating new family traditions. It would have been so easy to miss this, and take her any old time to get her ears done. But having that date in time 'on your 8th birthday you will get your ears pierced just like Mommy' sets the event apart, underlines it, makes it extra special. My other girls are already talking about their 8th birthday piercings! And I just know that one day their little girls will anticipate it too.

I am trying to think of other things to turn into traditions, such as getting your first box of oil paints at age 12 or the last weekend in the month is date with dad.... Does your family have any special traditions? Will you share them with me?


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