Getting started on The Artistic Mother workshop

This post is for anyone who is considering jumping in to the 12 week workshop laid out in my book.

One of the primary goals of my book is to give Moms, like me, like you a method of organization (time, space and mind) so that we can make space for art in our busy days.

In section one I lay out how important it is to create a vision statement, long term goals, short term goals and then a weekly schedule. In the workshop the weekly art schedule is made for you. But before you get there you need to take the time to create your vision statement (this is essential for project #4 anyhow), and to list your big and smaller art goals. These will help fuel your passion and resolve to keep at it.

So when you get the book, I recommend you read the first section thoroughly and take the time to do the mental preparation.

Next comes the physical preparation – getting your space and habits in order. Without some attention to these you may find it difficult to get going or keep it going over the course of the workshop.

You also have to start gathering the necessary supplies. I tried to use as few tools as possible in the projects, now is the time to see what you need to buy or borrow. One of the most important parts of creating the projects is having a large supply of papers, images and fabrics available to choose from as you create. So take some time to be a gatherer of stuff! I give you lots of ‘stuff’ ideas in the book.

The point is not to rush on and get the projects done, but to practice the process of slowing down, doing a little art a day and not becoming burnt out or stressed about it. Slow and steady, like the tortoise.

While I designed the workshop to be 12 weeks, in reality each ‘day’ could be 2 days or a week's work, whatever your circumstances calls for. The more realistic you are the more likely you are to stick with it.

The secondary focus of the book is to turn your artistic eye home, to your family, your kids. So be prepared to take photos and write about your world. Even if you don’t have kids, each of the projects could easily be adapted to be non-kid focused. You could focus on your spouse, parents, nieces and nephews, pets, friends, your personal items and so on, so don’t feel left out if you don’t have kids!!!

I have used every idea and technique and process in my book. If you follow the program I think you will be pleased with what you produce. But if you are only beginning, don’t be hard on yourself, with practice your skills will take you where you want to go.


Check in tomorrow as I will be posting some recent photos of me making the background pages (Week 1) in the Artistic Mother workshop.

Also, I will be announcing the winner of my final Saturday giveaway (for a few weeks anyhow). One of my previous giveaway's prize was not claimed I am going to be giving away 2 things this week!


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