Kids in the craft room & magazine giveaway

I highly recommend this magazine: Studios by Cloth Paper Scissors. It is fully of studio eye candy and organization tips. But for Moms with young kids the article by Jenn Mason, to which I contributed, on 'kids in the studio' is worth the cover price! The photos for this article are all of my craft studio taken by Shannon Mucha, she makes my space look really good!

I think a whole lot about kids in the craft space. If I dare set foot in my craft room in the middle of day my brood follow. They could be completely engaged in another activity up to that point. But once I have braved the silence it is like they 'know' I moved off my computer (boring) and into collage land (exciting). They all of a sudden have a desire to create too. They want to do something with glue, with lots of color. The artist in them rises up and desires expression. Meanwhile the artist in me is struggling for some breathing room!

I may have been able to get 10-15 minutes done before they 'find me', but you know if I use that 15 minutes wisely I can really accomplish a lot ~ I can move a project along a little, clean up my messy space to make room (mentally and physically) for a new project, make an art to do list, paint one background, cut out some images, create an ATC. These are the things busy folks have to do to make it happen!

I could go on and on about the practical ideas for maintaining a craft space with kids about, but seriously, it is all in this magazine! It is really comprehensive.

Anyway, I have a spare copy to giveaway!

2 chances to win:

1) Leave a comment here and I will announce the winner next Thursday (March 25).

2) If you add my blog to your blog roll, you get another entry! To help my process - could you leave me a second comment to say you added my blog (or I was already there) to your blog roll :)

Here are my kids looking at themselves in the magazine. What a funny life they have - they think it is 'normal' to be in print!!


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