My Private Project Runway

Of course I am waiting
outside on the rickety
turquoise garden chair
they will appear
out of the doorway, fashioned up -
beads, wings, layers, flounces
all lavender and cowboy boots
solemn faced and tottering

We watched 'Project Runway' finale show
and now they want to be
models, designers, sewers

But, oh to be these children!
the sun shining on their
spring collection shoulders
their hair unbrushed
costumes not new
in their minds
they are the beautiful models
the clever designers
the smiling hope
of the fashion industry
my girls, who in dreams
are 5'10


Thank you to Jannie Funster for her blog giveway! I won this copy of Billy Collins, The Art of Drowning. There is nothing like a break on the porch in spring when school is done for the day and the kids are playing happily together, the baby is asleep and I have a poetry book to read! Life is fully delightful then.


If you want to know how art can make you be a better Mom please visit my March article at the Wishstudio today!

Also, I am a 'Guest Curator' on CRESCENDOh this week! Follow this link: if you want to read my Art Saves article on CRESCENDOh.

On CRESCENDOh's main page each day this week I am linking to 2 wonderful artists. So please visit my links there, you will be inspired by them.


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