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In the workshop in my book, The Artistic Mother, Week 2, I recommend decorating your own poetry journal.

I have lots of journals. I keep a decorated journal in almost every room in my house! I even have one in my diaper bag so if a poem or even some words or lines come to my mind I am not without paper!

Some of my journals are for poetic words, but sometimes I use them to write down my thoughts, rants, ideas, lists, musings, prayers. I find by taking the time to stop and write my mind becomes clearer and I can 'see' what I mean, where I am going, what I should do.

Anyhow, here are some poetry journals I have made using the principles that I outline p74-75 of 'my book'

Here are some details and ideas for when you make your own:

If you have made a poetic journal based on the ideas in my book, would you consider posting them on the Artistic Mother Flickr group? Some folks have already done just that and it is so fun to see how lovely they are turning out.

Others are part of a community coordinated by Trudy over at Artistic Creations with Trudy! She has done an amazing job of getting a group of women together (over 70 now!) who are going through the workshop in my book! Members are posting their work on their blogs and then supporting each others creative journey. I enjoy jumping from Trudy's blog to the group member's blogs listed on her side bar too see how they are getting on. This beyond what I imagined this book could be!!!


April is coming and every Saturday in April I will be giving away 'starter kits' for my book :) I got some of the supplies in the mail yesterday and I am so excited with what will be included. I will post a photo of the goodies next week (the oil pastels are on back order and won't ship until Monday, and the photo would not look good without my beloved oil pastels!).


Hey, if you are out in a book store this weekend and you see a copy of my book on the shelf, will you take a picture and send it to me? - I will add it to my 'book sightings' photo album on the Artistic Mother Facebook Fan page. The shot does not have to be art, camera phone pic is totally fine! It is just fun to see where the book is popping up.

Much appreciated!


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