Rubber stamps I use

What is your favorite stamp? That is a hard question to be sure. I have many stamps that I use over and over. As you can see from this photo I don't take very good care of them! I know I should, but when I am making something I stamp almost without thinking and then forget to go back and clean the stamp. I primarily use Staz On ink and it dries fast.

Sometimes I use whole stamp image, but sometimes I use only a part of the stamp. I strive to use them not as focal images, but as a support for my own words, images and collages.

For example below I used only the edge of the flowers of this stamp (Blooming Contessa', by Sandra Evertson)

I like to edge my pages with partial stamps (Word stamp from Collage Cube by Christine Adolph):

The majority of my stamps come from Stampington & Co., some of which I used when I made the projects and images for my book, 'The Artistic Mother'. If you get a copy you will see the following ones:

On the cover:
1) 'Elegant butterfly' from Garden Melange collection by Christine Adolph

2) 'Recommendation' by Carin Andersson

3) 'Word heart' - on the Romance heart cube from Romance Collection by Christine Adolph

4) '3 Flowers' from Clearly Impressed - Fresh Flower Elements by Christine Adolph

5) 'Swirl' from Clearly Impressed - Swirls by Michelle Ward

6) 'Wrought Scroll' by Christine Adolph

7) 'Blooming Bold' from the Clearly Impressed Fresh Flowers by Christine Adolph

8) 'Honeycomb' on the collage cube from Fresh Flowers by Christine Adolph

9) 'Butterfly' from Clearly Impressed Rock and Roll by Michelle Ward

10) 'Blooming Contessa' by Sandra Evertsen

11) 'Twig or branch' from the Clearly Impressed 'Bird Sactuary' by Michelle Ward

12) 'Romance Heart Cube' by Christine Adolph

13) 'Holiday cube' by Christine Adolph

14) 'Balloon' from Clearly Impressed 'Out of the Hurly Burly' by Sandra Evertson

15) 'Elegant Poppies' by Sandra Evertson

I have bought non Stampington & Co. Stamps too! Here are some of my favorites:

1) 'Harlequins' by Stampiliabities'

2) 'Star' by Stampin' Up

3) 'Branch' by Stampers' Anonymous (their online catalog p130)

***Note - Clearly Impressed stamps from Stampington are unmounted and clear. You need acrylic blocks to mount them on when you want to stamp (although I have been known to mount them on the back of other wood mounted stamps!). When you are done you put them back on the clear plastic sheet they come in. I like these because they don't take up too much storage room.***

Do you have a favorite stamp, can you leave me a link to the stamp or the artwork?


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