B is for Bad Poetry

I bought the book 'B is for Bad Poetry' by Pamela August Russell for this very brilliant one line verse:


That's a nice sunset
in the background
but you look sad.

By Pamela August Russell

Simple I know, but anyone who can capture a truth like that has my attention and deserves my $9 on Amazon! Show me a happy Polaroid and show me a lie.

Enjoy a touch of artistic sadness today!


I am doing a photo collaboration with Shannon Mucha and Anita Michelsen. Each one of us has a week a month where we suggest a prompt ~ poem, Bible verse, quote or whatever and then we interpret it in photos. 

This week it was Shannon's prompt. She suggested a poem by Philip Booth entitled 'How to see Deer'. Here is what we came up with and I love it, if I can be so bold!

We post all the photos to our group Tribloom on Flickr.


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