Final Starter Kit GIVEAWAY & Vision Statement Banner

I can't make it all happen without my lists.  My long and short terms lists, my daily checklists, but most of all my personal Vision Statement. My life is so swift right now, with the book, this blog and my kids and running the house, spending time with my husband and friends.... if I don't regroup and remind myself what I am doing and where I am going and why I am doing all of this then I will go underwater.

My vision remains steady, my long terms goals wax and wane, my short term goals get added to and marked as done, my daily goals, phew, they turn over like lightening. These are ever before me, guiding my steps lest I fall off into the abyss! Sound dramatic? Well I have tried to live a free falling life and I got nowhere fast ~ So I have my systems, I bathe everything I do in prayer. 

Including a project on creating a visual vision statement banner in my book was important for me (Week 4 of the workshop section of the book). Here is an alternative version (to the one in my book) of the banner. Enjoy!


So here is the final Artistic Mother Starter Kit giveaway for April, my birthday month :)

Here is what you get:

Here are the supplies in this 'Artistic Mother Starter Kit' (pictured right):
These are all part of the essential tool box suggested in my book:
1) A box of my favorite water-soluble oil pastels - Portfolio Series by Crayola
2) X-acto craft knife with #11 blade
3) an 8oz tub of gesso
4) A tube of gel medium - which can be used as a glue and a varnish
5) 4B pencil
6) 4 sheets of my stamped handmade papers to add to your 'Art Stash'
7) My favorite glue stick - Scotch Permanent Glue Stick

Project related things:
8) A Daler Rowney 80 page, 5.5 x 8.5 sketch book/journal (for Week 2 project in my book's workshop)
9) 9 4x4 fabric squares (for Week 3 project)
10) Balsa wood (for Week 5 project)
11) Butterfly image sheet (for Week 5 project)
12) A 6x8 canvas panel (for Week 6 project)

You know what to do - leave a comment and I will use the random generator to pick a winner. If you want a double chance to win leave me a 2nd comment to say you are a fan of the Artistic Mother Facebook Fan page.

My goal in all of this - writing the book, this blog, giving away supplies is to encourage other women, especially moms to do some art. From my personal experience when mom is happy her kids fair better. Art is important yes, it slows us down and allows us to enjoy life more, seeing the beauty in things, giving us a sense of our creative selves, our purpose, our happiness. But even more importantly... motherhood is beautiful, vital.... because well raised, well loved children make our collective future brighter!

So Momma, go create.


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