Starter Kit Giveaway & Vision statement art (Week 4 project alternative)

This week on Stampington, via the Artisan Avenue 'Project of the Month' section of their website, my Canvas Goals Book was featured. They show photos of the project and list all the supplies you need to make it!

In my book 'The Artistic Mother - A Practical Guide For Fitting Creativity into Your Life' I talk a lot about the importance of having a vision and setting goals for your art. In Week 4 of the workshop section of the book, I outline creating a Vision Statement banner to hang up in your home somewhere to remind you of your vision and goals. If you are doing the workshop and don't have space to hang a banner, or would rather something that you can touch then this is a good alternative to that project.

In nutshell I decorated each of the pages of a pre-made canvas book, sewed and glued on the collages and then sewed the pages together to form pockets.:

Then I made the vision statement and goals lists collages on cardboard to insert into the pockets. Front of the cards:

Back of the cards:

I used 3 different methods for each of the cards:

1) I printed the vision statement directly onto one of my handmade backgrounds, glued it on the cardboard panel and collaged over that:

2) I printed the long term goals list onto painted paper, trimmed it and layered it over other papers as part of the collage:

 3) For the short term goals I printed them onto my handmade background papers, but as it will change soon I didn't glue it on, instead I simply attached it with a large paper clip. That way when I meet these goals I can add new ones!

I put ribbon handles on the top of the cards, and put them inside the pockets of the book:

I used my own photos printed small and layered on the collage. Here is back detail:

For the cover I printed a copy of my blog banner onto canvas and sewed it on:

Visit Stampington to see some of the supplies that I used in this project.


Now for the 'Starter Kit' Giveaway:

In my book I suggest you buy a number of art supplies in order to complete the Workshop in chapter 5. I tried to keep the supplies to the minimum so that you would be more motivated to actually do the the workshop and not have to keep running to the craft store to buy what you need! I thought that I would giveaway some of the supplies as a starter kit!

Here are the rules:
1) Anyone can enter to win these supplies, you don't have to have my book (but of course I would love it if you did, that way I know these supplies are going to their intended use :)
2) Leave a comment in this post.
3) Comments will close at noon on Thursday April 8 and then I will draw for the winner.
4) If you add me to your blog roll (or already have) you can leave a 2nd comment and have a second chance of winning. But you must leave me 2 comments to be entered twice.
5) If you win, I will announce it here next Thursday and you can send me your address and I will mail you your supplies.

Here are the supplies in this 'Starter Kit' (pictured right plus the oil pastels pictured below right):
These are all part of the essential tool box suggested in my book:
1) A box of my favorite water soluble oil pastels - Portfolio Series by Crayola
2) X-acto craft knife with #11 blade
3) an 8oz tub of gesso
4) A tube of gel medium - which can be used as a glue and a varnish
5) 4B pencil
6) 4 sheets of my stamped handmade papers to add to your 'Art Stash'
7) My favorite glue stick - Scotch Permanent Glue Stick

Project related things:
8) A Daler Rowney 80 page, 5.5 x 8.5 sketch book/journal (for Week 2 project in my book's workshop)
9) 9 4x4 fabric squares (for Week 3 project)
10) Balsa wood (for Week 5 project)
11) Butterfly image sheet (for Week 5 project)
12) A 6x8 canvas panel (for Week 6 project)

I have 4 of these kits to give away this month, one per Saturday. If you don't win this one you can try again next week! And again, you don't have to own my book to enter ~ as long as you will use them in the next year to make something I am happy!

NOTE on the products - These were not donated by anyone, I purchased them myself and unless stated I do not recommending them over another company's products. In fact I have never used this brand of gesso or gel medium! I am sure they are good though. I have used this brand of craft knife, canvas, glue stick and Water soluble oil pastels. The sketch books turned out a little bigger and fatter than I imagined, but all the more for you and they have perforated tear out pages which is a nice touch! 

Visit here to win a copy of my book on Jenny Doh's blog, it ends today April 3! 


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