the distance from here to there

For some ideas of things to do with your kids this summer, please visit me on the Wishstudio this week.


  1. Wow, what an amazing photo, the sky is so moody.

    You should pop over and enter a giveaway I am running at the moment-

  2. Very atmospheric. Love it.

  3. Beautiful, the sky is telling a story.

  4. That's so beautiful and telling!

  5. Has me dreaming of long walks and talks.

    Heading over to the Wish Studio.

    Trudy &

  6. Big sighs ... wonderful images and that was a great piece for Wishstudio!

  7. Visiting from Lanie J. and Co. my blog is Simple Sweet Inspiration! You make poetry with photography my dear! So pretty!

  8. Thank you for the link and ideas from wishstudio! After a very trying morning today, I took your advice, whipped out some paint, brushes, paper, other supplies, and had a blast with my daughter making some art. I'll eventually post it on my blog, and when I do, can I link it to your wishstudio page? I want to point others in that direction as well.

  9. Hi Shona! I've been so busy with the grandkids that I haven't had time to comment lately. :o) But they are off to the great grandma's house, so I'm finally getting a chance to say hello.

    I will go check out your post. Funny, I posted the same thing with lots of grandbaby photos and some videos of Ten Fun and Furgal Summer Activities to Do with Your Children-- must be that time of year..tee-hee! I loved having Grandbabies to use as 'models' for my photos since I don't normally have little ones at home like you. :o)

    I hope your trip is going well! How is Matthew?

    PS. We're going to be on TV (at least our photos are.:o)Jeff Yeager's book The Cheapskate Next Door just came out and he asked us to send photos of our family doing frugal things. He wants all the families he interviewed for the book to contribute them for use by the Today Show. Amazing!

    Donna @ Comin' Home

  10. Oh..of course..your photo is fantastic...I just got distracted by the mention of your post at WishStudios. I love all your pictures of dreamy!


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