1. what a cool photo!! and your family is entirely lovely, such beautiful girls and handsome hub, your dad looks like he has a lifetime of fabulous stories to share! thank you for sharing!

  2. Oh Shona what a blast from the past. I used to call them poppin people but not sure if that was their actual name or one I made up. My sister kept our set and when I visited her recently I found her daughter playing with them. I was so excited! Isn't that funny! Mine were named mainly after The Waltons. I had a red head with pigtails called Elizabeth. Mr & Mrs Walton Jnr and Snr, Jim Bob... Ah, those were the the days. Thanks for putting a big smile on my face. I feel like going round my sister's right now and having another play!

  3. This has brought a gentle smile to my face! What a trip down memory lane!

  4. LOVE this shot ... it does bring back fond memories. Your father's day pics are beautiful too ... so nice that you could be with your father this year.

    Thanks for visiting my blog ... with a little encouragement from your comment and a couple of other things that just fell into place - I figured out how to add downloads to my blog and will doing lots of them going forward!

    BTW - loving your book!

  5. I love those toys from yesteryear.

    Trudy &

  6. my kids are still playing with some pieces from my hubby's collection!

  7. My brother had one of those!!!!
    What a great reminder :-)

  8. LOVE these little choking hazards :) Seriously, I do!

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