Since when does trip prep involve a broken leg?

Oh my poor son! My first born. My brave young man. My Matthew broke his leg in two places and I was there to see his face. Can you ever erase that image from your mind?

(This photo was before the accident)

We went to Space Center Houston at NASA with his Tulsa cousins, who are in town for a visit. There were all these cool rides. We were just about to leave when Matthew had one last ride - on a bicycle attached to a hamster wheel thing. His feet were strapped in to the pedals and he was just finishing the ride and he pedaled forward when the momentum of the pedals was going backwards and his tibia and fibula, just above the ankle, broke in a forward motion. The operator was able to stop the ride before the break got worse, but that pain and panic I saw in his face was evident.

He was so brave as we went to the minor emergency clinic to get that confirmation X-ray. Today he got a splint on his leg and he will have to get a cast when we get to Ireland. He is being a big boy about it all, I am so impressed with his brave spirit, I can see a glimpse of the man he will become.

I called the airline to request a wheelchair.

And so real life goes.

Our children are breakable.


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