tell me what poetry is

Tell me what poetry is
use clear words like the pool before me
cold on my skin
rounded stones beneath the palms of my feet
the slight plume of dirt
obscuring only briefly.

Tell me what poetry is
my ears are waiting!
tell me as gently as the breeze
that breathes through the leaves
and bends the flower my way
it's busy bee exposed.

Tell me what poetry is
show me smooth words
strung gently, side by side
my grandmother's pearls
in my daughter's small fingers,
a whisper that lasts for years and years.

Tell me what poetry is
brush my tender head
until my hair shines
and I put on a white dress
my cardigan pulled close
in the morning summer sun

Tell me what poetry is
tell me in words I understand
show me it's power
it's daily dance, it's laundry,
sleep, it's blessing
please, tell me what poetry is.


  1. poetry is "living the questions"

  2. I love this.
    The photograph coupled with the words - lovely stuff.

  3. Beautiful Shona,
    A very nice way to start the day.
    I hope you will put your poetry in a book, with all your beautiful pictures.

  4. This is one of the reasons I'm so excited about your book...your encouragement to write poetry!! I used to back in Jr. and Sr. High...but haven't tried my hand at it in 20 years.

    This was beautiful, Shona!

  5. Thankyou for your beautiful words.
    'YOU' my dear ARE poetry!!

  6. that picture is beautiful...


  7. That was one of the most beautiful poems I have read in a long time. The picture is beautiful, too.

    I agree with Fairyrocks. You are poetry. You walk it, breathe it, live it. It comes so natural to you.

  8. Anonymous11:10 AM

    lovely shona. really lovely. blessings Eden

  9. For a whole year after my father died I wrote a bunch of poetry and then just as quickly as I started I stopped. I recently tried to put pen to paper again and write some more poetry but the words just wouldn't come together.

    Thanks for the inspiration, such beautiful words.

  10. Beautiful photo, beautiful words.

  11. Poetry is words and emotions all swirled together in harmony.

    That picture is magic.

  12. that dear shona truly was many images went through my mind when i read doesn't often do it for me as much as that one just the brown eyed photo too...stunning work you!!xxx

  13. What a beautiful face-- perfect for your poetry.
    Have a great week,

  14. I just love your blog. Your photos are stunning, your words are amazing and your acomplishments are inspiring. So so so so so so amazing- just too talented.

  15. love the words! especially the first and last verses.

  16. That. Poetry is just that, your beautiful words, your soul, pouring onto the page, a book that opens for others to see.

  17. This. This is poetry.


  18. Beautiful! Poetry is lingering moments in time, touchstones of life, and fragments of words, painted to share.

  19. I loved the photo of your daughter, precious~


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