Travel notes

Despite being very prepared and well seasoned travelers, despite our new matching outfits, despite my 4 oldest kids being perfectly well behaved, this was not one of our best journeys, thanks to Maximus who decided to teeth on the day of the trip.

Max is such a easy going baby unless he is teething. His face gets red, he wants to be walked around and to nurse. So he pretty much screamed whenever I was not nursing or if my saintly husband was not standing in the aisle holding him. I apologized to everyone seated near us, but they seemed understanding. We had a lot of those 'you have your hands full' comments from other passengers.

The first plane ride to Newark was OK, but Lily got travel sickness and then she threw up 5-6 times on the Newark to Dublin plane. She suffered in silence and threw up in to plastic bags, so really was no trouble. I just felt so sorry for her.

Laura and Annie were so well behaved, but stayed awake for the whole trip, so excited and talkative.

Matthew with his broken leg was not in any pain. He enjoyed being pushed in wheelchairs and the Continental staff were very friendly and helpful. He is such a trooper, but a little sad that he can't do a whole lot here in Ireland.

The kids were wild to see granny. After a time we all slept and then got up for dinner. Then my brother came over with cousin Maya and the wild girl play began. Seeing the family is all worth the effort.


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