Trooper at 9 years old

I admire Matthew's spirit! We hired a wheelchair and are going out and about as close to normal as possible. Today, he pulled himself up to be with his family on this mini ziggurat on the top of Killiney Hill overlooking Dalkey Island.


This afternoon he went to Tallaght Children's Hospital to get a cast put on his leg. Yeah! They said that he may get it taken off before we go home which would be wonderful. Even with him being a trooper I will be ready to have my son back and running around.

He chose a blue cast. He could have chosen a pink one with glitter!


Check out this excellent blog article on achieving SUCCESS - in a nut shell it takes work, day in day out, rather than waiting for magic or a fairy godmother. This is an approach I espouse for Moms who want to create in my book 'The Artistic Mother' p11-15.


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